Dropshipping is a way or method used by some wholesaler. If you are a retailer and your wholesaler uses drop shipping methods when a customer orders something to you, you just need to notify your wholesaler and he/she is the one who will ship the products for you directly to your customer. As a retailer, you can have a variety of products without having stocks on your shelves or doing some inventory. 

Winning dropshipping products is really a great luck especially if the products are really good in deals. There are plenty of online stores that promote dropshipping product mafia so you can check on them, and maybe your great deals are on the way. 

Dropshipping has so many benefits for you such as it can increase the number of your customers. If you are an online seller you can indirectly expand more and more your scope or market and target a large population of customers. You can also save time, money, and effort when you do dropshipping as most dropshippers allow you to use their product images so that you can advertise more in your online stores. You can save time and effort taking pictures of all of the products. You can also easily post the products unlike stocking them on your shelves. You will just need to contact your dropshipper if there are some orders in your online store. In terms  of saving money, as you have one reputable wholesaler, you just have to endorse and endorse the products for  them, and as a wholesaler the amount of the sold product is the only one you are paying. So, having more wholesalers will increase your sales and profits. 

Those are some of the benefits of dropshipping and there are more about it. As a newbie in the business world you need to be flexible yet firm in making different business decisions, and dropshipping will help you in that way.