Undoubtedly, fruits and vegetables are always at their best when they are fresh.  However, some are confused when it comes to identifying which are fresh fruits and which are not.  There are actually safe chemicals that could be put on to fruits and vegetables for them to look and stay fresh, but it’s really different that fruits are fresh not just on their looks but as real fresh ones. 

Now, let’s the following tips on identifying fresh fruits.  Check these out:

Apples:  If you hold an apple and feel its weight as heavy, then you could say that there’s much moist on it, then it’s fresh.  Its size should also be nice and firm.  Check if there is discoloration on the surface of the apple.  You might see discoloration when you see bruise-like appearance, just like what you may see in other fruits when not fresh. For more information about cheap fruits singapore on cooldesac.com.sg.


Yellow mangoes that indicates that it’s already ripe should always be considered.  It should be firm and like apples, it should have weight indicating that moisture is still inside the fruit.  If you are going to smell that mango. You should always smell its aroma.  As  long as it smells a as flavorsome mango, then it indicates freshness.


You can determine the freshness of an orange by lightly scratching the skin.  Check out the fruit as it emits a pronounced citrus scent.  Again, it should also feel heavy for its size and it should be firm.  The orange color should be found all throughout the skin.  There should be no dark spots and blemishes found in the skin. 

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