Have you ever got confused between a couple ring and an engagement ring? People often misunderstand between these two. Finding a perfect ring for your partner is not an easy task. People usually take help from their close friends and relatives for selection. This task has to be done by keeping in mind the person to whom the ring will be gifted. Let us study the difference between a couple ring and an engagement ring.



Engagement ring is given at the time of proposing your partner for marriage. An engagement ring is bought by keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of your partner. The significant difference between a couple ring and an engagement ring is, the design of the engagement ring is not necessary to be same.

In contrast, the design of the couple ring matches with each other. These rings are exchanged between the couples at the time of engagement. It is a ceremony which takes place before marriage. Thus, the engagement ring is made for the occasion of engagement. You can find more details on couple rings set on the site www.urcouple.com.


Couple ring is given to your loved one at the time of dating. Love birds usually buy this ring. The partners who are immensely in love with each other tend to gift similar design couple rings. Unlike engagement rings, couple rings look identical in design and texture. They are made for each other. Couple rings can be easily customised as per the requirements.

People think finding a couple ring is very difficult. But, with the development of technology, you can easily find any couple ring as per your choice on the internet. Promise rings for couples are readily available and can be bought without any hindrance. The rings can be selected and customised as per the wish of the pair.