If you have ever been to a college festival or a concert, then you will find a bag full of goodies.

These bags are usually kept with the staff members and the security in concerts.

These bags are a kind of gift that will only be gifted to some of the lucky people.

The bags will contain some promotional items like a mug for coffee, T-shirt, and some other printed goodies.

If you have been to a music festival, then there is a T-shirt cannon that is fired by the singer in the audience.

These will contain some of the merchandise, and the person who catches it will keep it.

History of the promotional products

The first-ever kind of promotional product was created in the 32 A.D. And was in the form of a coin.

It had the face of the great Constantine printed on both sides of the coin.

Then slowly, as time progressed the things changed from coins to garments and other fabrics. Learn more about promotional products on this site.

  • 1440

In the year 1440, there was another reference where there were papers printed with a congratulation message.

This was awarded by the king of the place to the seller, who was trustworthy and loyal.

As there were many cases in the old times where shop owners were disloyal and abused the citizens.

They would also use to pressure the victim by cutting their ration or increasing price to scare them.

So that they do not open their mouth in front of anyone, not their family or even the royal family.

  •  1906

Then came the trend where these promotions were done on the bottle openers and the cap of the bottle.

  •  1990

They used to print all their unique branding and the design on to the clothes.

These were also used for merchandise purposes.