Have you been to the Maldives for snorkeling? If not yet, then you should on your next vacation. The Maldives is a spot situated between Sri Lanka and India. It is hundreds of kilometres away from the landmass of the Asian continent. This South Asia’s small archipelagic openwaterhq.com owns the whole spots of wondrous sites for any water recreational activities, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming.

Mainly for snorkeling, check out this Snorkeling Guide spots of Maldives charm:


This spot offers an expansive series of sites for snorkeling and diving. They can enjoy ultimately by discovering the extensive house reef through its famous house reef conservation made for preserving the finest house reefs in the Maldives. It is ideal for snorkelers who are seasoned divers to immerse into the deeper waters that surround the Island.

Vivanta by Taj

This spot in the Maldives is a home of beautiful house reefsand shipwreck to sight see. It is even known as the dream destination of numerous divers who want to experience extreme underwater adventures. This spot provides roomy and gorgeously ornamented accommodation and fine foods for guests, so you will surely love this place to spend your vacation.

Mirihi Island Resort 

Do you want to experience the best snorkeling diversion? This spot mainly offers a diving opportunity for guests.  It is a resort that caters to newbies and pro divers. For newbies, you can learn about this recreational water activity with the Snorkeling Guide program of personal service offered where you can partake in international PADI courses and certification. There’s no reason for you to not enjoy the whole day there.

With robust importance on marine preservation in the maldives, these spots in the Maldives will get you to its core charm. It is easy to see why the Maldives is one of the best spots in the world for snorkeling and diving diversions.